For Turquoiseblood:


Jaffa from Jaffalogue says:

“In a word–brilliant. This novel deftly weaves 2 narratives of adopted albino women separated by 200 years…Each thread is its own political thriller touching on like locations and motivations across mountainous Rak.

Nothing about this premise should work. And yet it slays.”

Lindsey from F-BOM writes:

“The two protagonists are forces of nature in their respective timelines, pushing for action in the face of popular apathy. Both women take risks in order to reach their goals. They cause the action to happen, rather than react to plot points being thrust upon them.”

Andrea from Writerlea Book Reviews says:

“[As] a mystery (one with action, adventure, dragons and suspense) it’s a great read and a good addition to the fantasy offerings available today.”

Shotobhisha from Booksandblah writes:

“I enjoyed [Kiri and Anya’s] dynamic and their banter…Their relationship was very captivating.”

For Twin Cities Speculations:

James at Amazing Stories Mag writes:

“Isaac seems to know her way around high fantasy…after all, if high fantasy can’t poke fun at itself, then who can?”

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