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Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce my nine-part novella series A DJINN ROMANCE is available on Amazon!

(Look at these covers!!)

This series is actually three novels divided into three novellas each. All of Fall of the Tower is available now, and Wolves at the Wall is being released! (Demon’s Shadow coming soon!) Here’s the full blurb:

The city of Carnate is under siege by the Hji Empire. But inside and outside the walls of the city, life and love goes on. Young lovers and hardened generals, sorcerers and washing-women, live out their destinies under the shadow of war.

A smuggler on the rise questions who he can trust. Two sorcerers discover a dangerous secret. A librarian falls for a grieving princess.

But soon, a new force will rise to threaten them all.

Follow the forbidden, dangerous, passionate affairs in this fantasy action romance series, A Djinn Romance. Each novella tells the story of a two couples, set against the backdrop of the war.

Start the series here by reading part one for 99 cents for a limited time!


The long-awaited day is here–my novel TURQUOISEBLOOD is available on Amazon! Pick up your e-copy here! (And don’t forget to help an indie author by leaving a review!) Thanks for your support ­čÖé



Now that TURQUOISEBLOOD is finally at the publisher’s (!), St. Paul Grimoire is back! And since we have some catching up to do after the hiatus, I’ll be posting one installment per day. If you haven’t been keeping up with the serial, now’s a perfect time to jump in! Start here.

Watch this space for where to purchase your copy of TURQUOISEBLOOD, coming soon! (And check out the cover below!)


Without further ado, the cover for my forthcoming novel, TURQUOISEBLOOD. Follow me to get updates to your email!

Turquoiseblood-800 Cover reveal and Promotional


Happy NaNoWriMo!

I’m excited to announce the arrival of my urban fantasy┬áserial, St. Paul Grimoire.



TWIN CITIES SPECULATIONS: An Anthology of Sci-fi and Fantasy is OUT NOW. Get it on Amazon and check out my story for free here!

Our release party was awesome! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

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