St. Paul Grimoire Preview!

Something moved in the dark.
Pete started, dropping the leather journal she’d been holding. “Val?”
It was too dark to see. Had she imagined it?
No—another shuffling step out of the shadows, revealing the dim outline of someone huge filling the space between the row of shelves.
“Icarus,” he said in a great deep voice.
Pete screamed.
The others came running, pulling up short when they saw the shape of the giant man. He stumbled, catching the top of a shelf to steady himself.
“Icarus,” he said again. Not angry or anything, Pete realized, but maybe a little urgent.
“Ike’s not here,” Dakotah answered, pretty bravely, Pete thought.
“Where?” asked the hulking man.
“He…died,” said Dakotah. “A few days ago.”
The giant man paused. “Then,” he said in a strained tone, “I need Dakotah.”


Dakotah thought he was inheriting an antique shop. Instead, he is chosen to be a Guardian—the keeper of a sanctuary where magic and magical beings congregate. Together, Dakotah and his friends struggle to learn the secrets of this new world—but they must do it quickly, for a dark force is rising to challenge them.

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