IndieReCon Recap: How to Find Your First 10,000 Readers

If you’re anything like me, the existence of a free online indie writing con thrilled you to bits. Fortunately (unfortunately?) the videos are up all the time, so unlike a live-action con you have no limitations on how many sessions you can “attend.”

I’ve decided to post some short recaps of a few of the interesting videos I’ve watched so far. Please share your own recommendations below!

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How to Find Your First 10,000 Readers: Nick Stephenson, Orna Ross

Summary: Orna Ross, director of the Alliance of Independent Authors and IndieReCon 2015 interviews Nick Stephenson of, where he offers video training on building email lists. They discuss Internet marketing with an emphasis on the importance of an email mailing list.

Grade: A. As someone with marketing experience, the importance of building an email list was not new to me. However, I think this will be a good video for beginners. It doesn’t walk you through each and every step, but it does lay out the importance and gives good tips and tricks in several areas of Internet marketing.


“Most authors can identify with…putting your heart and soul into this book and you release it into a void…you don’t know how to influence [sales].”

“We not selling books…we’re trying to get visibility on a search engine…Amazon and the other ebook retailers are search engines for books.”

Takeaway: Stephenson preaches the same marketing approach for books as any other product. Instead of counting one-time sales as a measure of success, authors should be building relationships with readers, which can then be turned into loyal followings. Authors should take “every opportunity to prove [their] brand” by bringing value to their customers. Stephenson does acknowledge a learning curve, but states that once you get going, this type of marketing should run on autopilot in the background, which will give you more time to write.


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