IndieReCon Recap: What Authors Need to Know in 2015

If you’re anything like me, the existence of a free online indie writing con thrilled you to bits. Fortunately (unfortunately?) the videos are up all the time, so unlike a live-action con you have no limitations on how many sessions you can “attend.”

I’ve decided to post some short recaps of a few of the interesting videos I’ve watched so far. Please share your own recommendations below!

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What Authors Need to Know in 2015: Mark Coker, Orna Ross

Summary: Orna Ross, director of the Alliance of Independent Authors and IndieReCon 2015 interviews Smashwords founder Mark Coker. They cover the founding of Smashwords, the current market, and Coker’s thoughts on the future.

Grade: A. The narrative wandered a little at the end when Coker started talking about an April Fool’s joke (funny but not as interesting as the rest of the vid). Otherwise I enjoyed hearing Coker’s story and his opinions on the future of indie publishing.


“We [Coker and his wife] were going to build our business around books that publishers wouldn’t publish.”

“Writers write for reasons that are different than why publishers publish.”

“You should plan on toiling in obscurity for years…you need to hold on to your vision.”

Takeaway: Coker’s best points were about best practices. He strongly encourages authors not to waste time on things like cover design or even marketing. Writers should be writing! He is also against exclusivity, saying that authors should not limit themselves to any one market (ahem, KDP). There is more competition for indie writers so “now more than ever it’s about the book.”

2 thoughts on “IndieReCon Recap: What Authors Need to Know in 2015

  1. Be still my beating heart. Did someone just tell me that I, as a writer, am supposed to be writing? Instead of all this other stuff publishers tell me to do?
    I had sort of denied the possibility of self-publishing before, but I’m definitely interested in the video now. 🙂


    • I was against self publishing for a long time (like many people when it was new) but I’ve been all for it for the last couple of years. When you start considering it, it really broadens all the possibilities for your writing!


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